Qualicer’22 brings together nearly 600 ceramic industry experts from 20 countries

Qualicer 2022, the 17th World Congress on Ceramic Tile Quality, closed its doors after two intense days that made the Castellón Chamber of Commerce, anew, the hub of the global ceramic industry. With almost 600 participants from 20 countries, the Congress recovered its pre-pandemic ‘muscle’ and did so in a double format: in-person and online.

Qualicer’22 once again featured leading national and international ceramic industry experts, who analysed the major issues facing today’s ceramic sector and put forward keys to understanding the advances and to positioning the industry to address the new challenges. The topics debated included: decarbonisation, the challenge of replacing natural gas with other more environmentally sustainable fuels, digitalisation, green hydrogen, the extra costs resulting from European environmental regulations, and the international problems affecting sector sales.

After the 17th Congress closure, the Qualicer Organising Committee immediately started work on the 2024 Qualicer Congress.